Can laser depilation really permanently depilate?

Speaking of laser hair removal, but there are many benefits. It is not only simple and fast to remove hair, but also won’t hurt the surrounding skin. It also claims that it can remove hair permanently. Can laser hair removal really achieve permanent hair removal? Gu Xiuping, a plastic and cosmetic expert who has been engaged in laser work for more than ten years, said that laser hair removal can achieve permanent treatment, but it can not be achieved once or twice.

Laser hair removal technology is mature and has a wide range of applications

As early as the 1960s, some scholars proposed that ruby laser could destroy hair follicle melanin. In 1993, the Wilman Medical Optics Laboratory of Harvard University began to use laser for hair removal treatment in clinic. Up to now, laser hair removal technology has been very mature and has achieved remarkable curative effect in clinic.

Laser hair removal is simple and convenient, and there are a wide range of parts that can be treated by hair removal. Gu Xiuping said that hair in all parts of the body can be removed by laser hair removal, which is very safe and will not affect the skin. Whether it is the body hair of limbs, facial miscellaneous hair, or private parts, the hair of special parts can choose laser depilation. For men, they can also remove their beard by laser hair removal to reduce the trouble of thick hair and often shaving their beard.

Laser depilation can achieve permanent depilation effect

Permanent hair removal is a unique advantage of laser hair removal. However, a small number of people said that hair still grows after laser hair removal, so they questioned laser hair removal. To this end, Gu Xiuping explained that laser hair removal is not done once and for all. Hair can be divided into growth period, stationary period and resting period. Laser depilation is very effective for growing hair. However, for hair at rest and rest, laser depilation has little or no effect, which also determines that laser depilation needs multiple treatments. Generally speaking, under the professional guidance of doctors, it is entirely possible to achieve the effect of permanent hair removal by completing all the times of laser hair removal.

The frequency of laser hair removal treatment also varies from person to person. Each person’s hair growth law is different, which determines the frequency of laser hair removal. Some people have dark skin and need more hair removal. However, the number of laser hair removal is usually about 4 ~ 6 times, and the recommended time difference of each treatment is 45 days. Of course, the number of laser hair removal treatments for different parts of hair is also different. The number of hair removal for specific parts or private parts will be appropriately increased.

The pain caused by laser hair removal is mild

Even if we know the safety and effectiveness of laser hair removal, some people still flinch. Laser hair removal will fully destroy hair follicles and require more times. Is the treatment process very complex and painful?

“No pain, not at all!” When asked whether laser hair removal will produce pain, Gu Xiuping told the family doctor online editor without hesitation, “in the process of laser operation, just use the laser to lay a spot on the skin surface and absorb the melanin in the hair follicle, resulting in a slight sense of pain.” Moreover, the laser hair removal process is simple, and patients do not need to make cumbersome preparations before treatment.

Finally, I would also like to remind you that although laser hair removal is good, if you want to achieve the best permanent hair removal effect, you still need to consult a doctor in a professional hospital to understand the relevant matters before making a decision.

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