Does photorejuvenation hurt? How many times can photorejuvenation be effective

Which beauty doesn’t want to have light and tender skin, snow-white skin and flawless skin. When you are young, of course, these are nothing to say. They are always owned and reflected from time to time. But as the years push on, wrinkles and skin problems will emerge. Want to be a white and tender woman all the time? Let’s learn about the issues related to photorejuvenation. Does it hurt when doing photon rejuvenation? How many times does it work? Let’s answer it together. Photon rejuvenation belongs to non exfoliative treatment, which generally does not need anesthetic treatment. It feels like needle pricking pain, which can usually be tolerated; After treatment, the skin will be slightly red, which can be eliminated by washing with water. In particular, the fundamental principle of “light therapy” is to stimulate the production of collagen by using the effect of “heat”; If the energy exposure is within the normal range, no special ice coating treatment is required. In addition, where there are color spots, the color will be darker and generally subside in about a week. To have ideal therapeutic effect, each course of treatment needs 5 times of treatment, with an interval of 3-4 weeks.

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