How about the effect of photon freckle removal? How does photon rejuvenation freckle dispel freckle?

Everyone hopes that they can have smooth and delicate skin, but many times not everyone is born with such perfect skin, so the problem of care and maintenance after tomorrow can not be ignored. Now more and more women choose to use photon rejuvenation as their own freckle removal method. Have you ever known the effect of photon rejuvenation freckle removal?

How does photon rejuvenation freckle dispel freckle?

Photon rejuvenation freckle removal uses more scientific technology to help women alleviate the problem of long spots on their faces. In fact, it can alleviate this symptom to a certain extent, but for women who want better freckle removal, they should pay more attention to their daily diet choices.

The basic principle of photon rejuvenation is to treat spots through photon rejuvenation instrument, laser and other equipment, combined with anti melanin factor introduction and other schemes. Specifically for skin problems such as freckles, sunburn, chloasma and senile spots, high-energy pulsed light of different wavelengths and colors is projected on the skin at the same time by using strong pulse photon technology. But here Xiaomei would like to remind you that there are several situations that are not suitable for photon rejuvenation.

If you are breastfeeding, pregnant, have malignant tumors, serious visceral diseases, photoallergy, or taking photosensitive drugs, taking isotretinoin a orally, you must go through detailed inquiry and evaluation before treatment! Don’t worry about the spots that are not suitable for photorejuvenation. You can consult other laser treatments. There is always one for you.

So how about the effect of photon rejuvenation?

Generally speaking, Photorejuvenation can last for about 12 months, but it still needs many times of treatment to achieve the desired effect. Influencing factors: the effect and maintenance time of different patients after treatment will also be different according to personal physical condition, operation specifications, postoperative nursing and other factors. Effect changes over time: the effect of photon rejuvenation will gradually fade over time. Those seeking beauty can consider re treatment after consulting a doctor.

Photorejuvenation is suitable for a wide range of people, generally including the following four categories

  1. I want to change the texture of the skin. I hope the elasticity of the skin is better, the skin is smoother, and the darkness of the skin is improved.
  2. There are punctate pigmented spots on the face, whether solar or hereditary freckles.
  3. Rough facial skin, enlarged pores, acne marks, facial telangiectasia.
  4. The face began to appear relaxation, small wrinkles and senile skin changes.
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