How long can photon rejuvenation last?

With the development of science and technology, beauty is becoming more and more high-end. One technology is called photon rejuvenation, which can effectively remove spots, acne and rejuvenation. However, how long can photorejuvenation last? Does photon rejuvenation have side effects?

How long can photon rejuvenation last

The effect of photorejuvenation is obvious. Photorejuvenation is a fashionable medical and beauty project and the gospel of many beauty lovers.

  1. It is clinically proved that photon rejuvenation can maintain the effect for more than 1 year.

2, the main function of photorejuvenation is not for localized spots, but for the comprehensive treatment of the entire face. It can improve the facial skin condition, make the skin more uniform and brighter on the basis of the original skin tone, and have a foundation effect. Therefore, people without obvious skin problems can also maintain good elasticity and vitality of skin collagen fibers by receiving photorejuvenation treatment, so as to delay the appearance of skin relaxation and wrinkles. Overseas, beauty doctors generally take photorejuvenation as a long-term means of skin health care.

How long can photon rejuvenation last? Does photon rejuvenation have side effects?

  1. Photon rejuvenation does not work once. Generally speaking, the shallower the location, the faster the effect. For example, freckles tend to fade after the initial treatment, while deep spots and wrinkles can only be improved, not completely removed. It often takes longer treatment time to be effective.
  2. According to the different conditions of each patient, a complete treatment course of photorejuvenation usually needs to last for more than several times, with an interval of about three weeks

Does photon rejuvenation have side effects

Principle of photon rejuvenation photon rejuvenation uses full spectrum strong light to directly irradiate the skin surface. After absorbing light energy, the skin produces a temperature higher than the skin. This temperature difference is used to close the diseased blood vessels, rupture and decompose the pigment, so as to achieve the effect of skin beautification and whitening.

Experts pointed out that the harm of photon rejuvenation to the skin is actually very small.

  1. However, the subject should be suitable for this method, because photon rejuvenation is not suitable for all people, and must be guided by experienced doctors in formal plastic and cosmetic medical institutions. It is not suitable for people with photoallergy, local and systemic inflammation, immune system defects, scar constitution, pregnant women and abnormal blood coagulation.

How long can photon rejuvenation last? Does photon rejuvenation have side effects?

  1. At the same time, there are great differences between imported equipment and domestic equipment. If the quality of the instrument used is not high, it is easy to cause burns and scars on the skin of the operator.
  2. Whether the nursing after photon rejuvenation is appropriate is also the first choice for the recovery effect.

Nursing after photon rejuvenation

  1. Routine skin care

① Avoid washing with hot water within a few days after Photorejuvenation, use cold water to clean the skin, and pay attention to the protection of the cleaned parts.

② Avoid make-up a few days after photon rejuvenation.

③ Avoid direct sunlight, wear a sun hat and umbrella when going out, and use sunscreen products for external use. Products with high safety and good sunscreen effect should be selected: UVB sunscreen factor (SPF) = 30; UVA sun protection factor (PFA) > + +; Physical sunscreen with large R index.

④ Photon rejuvenation treatment should not be too frequent, especially in summer, with long sunshine time and hot climate, it is not suitable for regular photon rejuvenation treatment.

  1. Drug beauty maintenance

How long can photon rejuvenation last? Does photon rejuvenation have side effects?

After Photorejuvenation, there are often adverse reactions such as pigmentation and depigmentation. Cosmetic drugs can not only solve pigmentation problems to a large extent, but also help skin rejuvenation and anti-aging. However, the use of cosmetic drugs to maintain the skin after photon rejuvenation requires a doctor’s prescription and strict use according to the doctor’s advice. Common cosmetic drugs mainly include the following categories:

① Vitamin A

Vitamin A can stimulate the proliferation of dermal collagen, promote wound healing, thicken the epidermis, promote the proliferation of fibroblasts, inhibit metalloproteinases and inhibit the transfer of melanin to the stratum corneum, so as to reduce fine lines and abnormal pigment and improve skin quality.

② Vitamin C

Vitamin C can maintain skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, reduce melanin production, improve rough, pale and loose skin, and delay natural aging and photoaging of skin. The use of vitamin C after photorejuvenation can help reduce postoperative erythema and inflammation, as well as sunscreen.

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