What are the principles of photon rejuvenation?

Photon rejuvenation is a new non-invasive optical medical and cosmetic technology. Its professional name is intense pulsed light. The intense pulsed light therapeutic instrument can select the wavelength through the filter, so it can selectively remove pigment spots, depilate and wrinkle. When intense pulsed light is used to treat skin changes such as wrinkles, pigmentation and telangiectasia caused by light aging, it is called photon rejuvenation.

What is the principle of photorejuvenation_ What are the principles of photon rejuvenation?

  1. After the intense pulsed light with a specific spectrum acts on the skin, it is preferentially and selectively absorbed by melanin in the tissue and hemoglobin in the blood vessels. On the premise of not damaging the normal tissue, it destroys and decomposes the dilated blood vessels, melanin particles and melanocytes, so as to achieve the effect of treating telangiectasia and pigmented spots.
  2. After intense pulsed light irradiates the deep tissue of the skin, the photothermal effect will lead to slight reversible damage, so as to start the repair mechanism of the skin tissue, rearrange the collagen fibers and elastic fibers in the deep, restore the elasticity, and finally alleviate the facial skin wrinkles. At the same time, it also has the effect of reducing the coarse pores, Clinically, it can achieve the purpose of skin rejuvenation.

The pulse times, pulse width, pulse energy density and pulse delay of the pulsed light emitted by the photon rejuvenation instrument can be adjusted. In the treatment, the parameters can be selected according to individual differences. At the same time, the therapeutic instrument has the synchronous cooling function, so it ensures that the normal tissue is only stimulated without damage. During the treatment, the patient has only mild discomfort, generally no complications, simple nursing after treatment, and does not affect the normal work and life. The output wavelength of intense pulsed light is wide, so it has wide indications, selective therapeutic effect, less adverse reactions, large treatment area and rapid treatment.

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