What is the difference between color light rejuvenation and photon rejuvenation?

For some normal skin problems, such as spots or acne, color light Rejuvenation or photon rejuvenation can be used to solve them, and they all have very significant effects. Then why do some people choose color light rejuvenation and some people choose photon rejuvenation? What is the difference between them? Now let’s get to know.

  1. Color light rejuvenation is actually an upgraded version of photon rejuvenation. There is no great difference between them, but color light rejuvenation has all the advantages of photon rejuvenation, and has a wavelength function more than photon rejuvenation, which will have a better effect on solving red blood, freckle and whitening, and the rest are the same.
  2. The method of colored light has strong penetration, can care the skin at a deeper level, and can better solve the problems of the skin; In fact, the main difference between them is that the wavelength of color light is distributed in a certain band range. The wavelengths between them are different, and the other effects are equally significant.

The difference between color light rejuvenation and photon rejuvenation is not very big. The reason why we choose different methods is that according to everyone’s situation, we will definitely choose a method more suitable for ourselves. Therefore, there is no saying of who is good and who is bad between them. It is suggested that friends must choose a method suitable for themselves. If you don’t know very well, you can consult yo.

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