Which is better, freezing point or laser depilation?

With the development of plastic and cosmetic medical technology, freezing point depilation is becoming a hot depilation concept at present. Although it still belongs to the category of laser depilation, it has been significantly improved against the defects of traditional laser depilation, such as slow speed and pain, which can be said to set off a new revolution in depilation. So compared with the traditional laser hair removal, what are the specific advantages of freezing point hair removal?

As a popular freezing point hair removal on the market, it has replaced the traditional hair removal in terms of technology and effect. The principle of freezing point hair removal is the same as that of laser hair removal. The laser takes melanin as the target, accurately and selectively penetrates the surface of the skin and is absorbed by the hair follicle. After melanin absorbs the energy of the laser, the temperature rises sharply, so as to destroy the surrounding hair follicle tissue and remove the hair.

The laser pulse width of freezing point hair removal is carefully designed. It can destroy hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. This accurate and selective technology enables it to quickly and safely remove hair through freezing point in some small and sensitive parts, such as men’s beard, women’s lip hair, and too much hair in bikini area Remove hair efficiently.

The freezing point depilation adopts a new pulse width mode and repetition frequency, which can increase the depilation speed to 3-4 times of the previous one, making the depilation in a large area easier. Moreover, it is controlled by the whole computer and the operation is simple, which makes the treatment and the treated feel relaxed at the same time. Freezing point depilation has a cold touch cooling bald head. Rapid heat dissipation can cool the local skin temperature to a low point, as if it is a portable “ice”. Therefore, it comprehensively solves the two major problems of pain and slow speed of traditional laser depilation, and can improve skin color spots and texture.

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