Will laser hair removal affect work?

Many mm will depilate their bodies when summer comes, so that they won’t feel embarrassed when wearing short skirts or summer clothes. Although laser depilation is only a small operation of micro plastic surgery, MM also have questions. What side effects does laser depilation have and will it affect work?

Who is not suitable for laser hair removal

Because laser hair removal is treated by the preferential absorption of laser by pigment in hair follicle, people with black skin may also absorb part of laser energy during treatment, resulting in certain damage to the skin. Therefore, laser hair removal is particularly suitable for people with fair skin and black hair. If the skin is dark, or the skin color is dark, and the hair color is relatively light, the treatment effect will be affected. In other words, people with particularly dark skin color are not suitable for laser hair removal treatment.

Will laser hair removal affect the function of the skin

The skin has many physiological functions, such as perspiration, regulating body temperature, sensory function, protective function to the body, absorption and excretion function, immune function and so on. Laser hair removal will not affect these functions of the skin. Therefore, MM who wants permanent hair removal might as well try laser surgery.

Will laser hair removal affect my work

After treatment, there will be some slight edema in the pores of the skin, manifested as mild redness and edema. However, it will completely disappear after about 2 hours. No one will know that you had a magical laser hair removal treatment just 2 hours ago. Therefore, laser hair removal will not affect the normal work of beauty seekers. Is it very convenient?

What season is the best season for depilation

Season is not a problem, because any season can be carried out. If beauty seekers want to wear short skirts or sleeveless shirts in summer and don’t want those annoying hair to embarrass you, they should start laser hair removal treatment in winter or spring, because a course of hair removal treatment takes about 6 times and about 6 months. So from the beginning of winter, summer basically ended the treatment. Of course, it’s OK to start treatment in summer, because the season has little effect on hair removal treatment.

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